There are so many mesmerising places in the world, so many natural wonders one can see, so many adventures one can take up and so many memories one can make all across the globe while travelling. If you are someone who does not like travelling, here Malaika Arora Khan with her friend recently visited to Greece. So, it will inspire you to travel in greece.

Malaika Arora Khan in Greece :


Greece is a most popular destination for all tourists from around the world, go to Greece is on the agenda of all travelers since it is one of the cities in the world that gives much legend, many topics of conversation in speaking of this country will always be of interest to visit Greece with children, can be an excellent reason to go with family and enjoy all the cultural monuments and full of mysticism, history and much beauty in their buildings. 

Greece is a state located in the Southern Europe, and belongs to the European economic community, bordered on the north by Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, to the western border with Albania and the Ionian Sea and the east by the country of Turkey and the Aegean.

Most of the beaches on these geologically new Greek islands are black due to their volcanic creation, Santorini's most famous is probably Red Beach near Akrotiri. Perissa Beach on the main island’s west and Kamari Beach on the east are both long, black, spectacular and very popular with tourists.