Ceekars 4D Headphones for VR: 

Ceekars 4D Headphones & VR Controller Featuring powerful cinematic sound rendering to turn your mobile phone into a fun megaplex for virtual reality, gaming, music, movies & more. CEEKARS™ is the first smart audio headphone that combines haptic feedback and proprietary physics-based 3D Audio technology resulting in a degree of depth, interactivity and rich engulfing soundscapes. Traditional headphone designed for predefined scenarios, not real time dynamic life-like experiences. They do not react to movement or give you directional sign or indication of distance. you can't really place exactly where the sound originated i.e. up, down, right, left, behind or in front of you. CEEKERS uses 4D physics based audio technology and haptic feedback to create rich engulfing soundscapes, which enables you to both feel and hear movies, music and games in completely new way. 

Image Credits: http://cdn.thegadgetflow.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/CEEKARS-4D-Headphones-for-VR-02.jpeg