Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, and as such, it is the country’s principal political, cultural, commercial, industrial, and transportation center. With less than 2 millions of its inhabitants it is the biggest city of the country. Half of the university students of the country study here, and similar ratio, half of the nation’s GDP is earned here. 

It is a city of diversity where it is easy to find numerous marks of different historical eras. However, you will soon to discover that you are witnessing everywhere the rapid transformation of the capital in several respects.

There are countless historical and architectural treasures that will soon burn into your soul, the two major parts of the city separated by the ever-so-nice (sometimes blue) Danube river: Buda in the West and Pest in the East. Buda Castle (a world heritage site), Széchenyi Bath, the Parliament Building, the Opera House, and, for instance, Mathias Church in the medieval Castle.

If We talking about Budapest means talking about a city full of energy, ideas, symbolism. You do not need to understand what is happening around you to enjoy it, and it might occur that enjoying it is the only way for you to understand it. No matter if you really achieve this knowledge or not, once you have tried it, you will never be the same person again. You will learn something forever, and this something would go with you, wherever you go, as a part of your life.

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