In fact the Tehri Garhwal derives its name from the word? Trihari? which indicates a place where three kinds of sins can be cleared that are result of Mansa, Vacha and Kamana i.e. thought, word and deed respectively. New Tehri, the headquarters of the district is one of the only planned towns of Uttarakhand. Situated at an altitude of 1550-1950m above the sea level, it overlooks at the massive lake and equally impressive dam also serves as the major attraction of the area. The Old Tehri that was once heavily inhabited today lies under the water in ruins. Visiting this place is an experience that is worth remembering.

1. Trekking:

With countless trekking trails and spots in the region interspersed with streams and rivers and some breathtaking views, Tehri Garhwal tends to be quite a favorite for trekking.

2. Shopping:

Tehri Garhwal is home to numerous street vendors and local markets with plenty of option to shop. Although will not find any particular souvenir to take back home, but the place is loaded with junk jewelry, warm clothes and handicrafts.


3. Kanatal:

Once a deserted land, today Kanatal is a usual haunt for those travelers who seek peace and solitude. Kanatal is said to be named after a lake that once existed there.

Apart from peace, the place exhibit the charm of its won in form of majestic hills, fruit trees, apple orchards and lush green forests. This quaint hamlet sprinkled with plethora of wild flowers and small temples lies in the proximity to other major hill stations. Perched at the height of 8500 ft above the sea level, the salubrious weather and the untouched beauty of this place is well connected via well maintained roads unlike its other counterparts.

If you and your family planning to visit Tehri Garhwal, apart from above places you can also visit to Chamba, Tehri dam, River Rafting, Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, Gautam Rishi Temple, Sem Mukhem Temple, Devprayag, Narendranagar, Surkhandadevi, Rock Climbing and etc.


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