Any guesses?

It's a pair of Noise Cancelling Earphones ;-)

Ah, the summer travel season. Warm sunny beaches. Lazy quiet rivers. Hiking in the mountains. Or maybe your perfect getaway is a tent in the backyard with the kids.

Whether you’re riding shotgun with the family or stuck on a cross-country flight, at some point during your trek you’ll probably want everything around you to just shut up. You can try asking politely, but a better idea would be simulating the same effect with a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

A little bit of quiet goes a long way. For any long journey, bet it train, plane, or bus, you can’t beat the quiet of Noise Cancelling headphones.  Thank us later!

Bose’s QuietComfort series is the cream of the crop here, and its in-ear QuietComfort 20 is the lightest and most portable of the bunch. It’s also $250. If that’s too much, Phiaton’s BT 100 NC isn’t really close to the QuietComfort’s silencing tech, but it’s more than solid for $100, and sounds pretty great to boot. Just make sure you’re cool with its neckband-style design first.

Now, not all of you will need noise-cancelling to enjoy some music on the go. If you’re just looking from something cheap, light, and nice-sounding, try the clean and detailed sounds of Skullcandy, JBL or Sony.

Credits: Business Insider, Bose