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Some of the most famous attractions the world over all have one thing in common - they look freaking amazing in photos. Thanks to a sly tie-up between crafty photographers and enterprising tourism industries, we're constantly bombarded by picture-perfect images of places like the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of China, but all is not always as it seems. Most of these places are plagued by the bane of long lines and massive crowds clicking pictures with their godforsaken selfie sticks for hours on end.

1. Admiring The Trevi Fountain In Rome, Italy

2. Climbing Mount Everest, Nepal

 3. Admiring Little Mermaid In Copenhagen, Denmark


4. Walking In Sheep Meadow, In New York’s Central Park, United States

5. Admiring The Glorious Niagara Falls, Which Marks The Border Between Canada And USA

6. Camping In The Himalayas

7. Visiting The Forbidden City In Beijing, China

8. Walking Across The Capilano Suspension Bridge In Vancouver, Canada

9. Admiring The Breathtaking Machu Picchu Scenery, Peru

10. Getting Goosebumps In Front Of The Ancient Temple Of Abu Simbel In Egypt

So you really thought it looks like it is in the perfect photo? Haha.

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Credits: Boredpanda, Architecture and Design, ScoopWhoop