Franklin 12-language (Speaking) Global Translator

One of the greatest hassles when traveling to another country is the language difference. While it is sometimes fine to communicate through actions, communication is better when you know how to speak the language of the person you are talking to. In the attempt to solve the burdens of travelers due to language barrier, Franklin, the successful brand behind many useful translators, has come up with another innovation. The company’s latest product, which is already available in the market, is called Franklin TGA-490 12 Language Speaking Global Translator The franklin 12- language global translator was selected as one of Time Magazine’s Best Travel Gadget.


This translator has over 115, 000 words and 12, 000 preprogrammed phrases. The words and phrases can be read on the screen and can also be heard through the ‘human voice speaker’. To use the translator, slide it open. Aside from being a translator, an MP3 player, and a voice recorder, this product is also a currency and metric converter, a clock, and a time converter. 

Credits: globetrottertraveltips, content.time