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Spring is here! And what can describe this colourful season better than cherry blossom trees. Japan celebrates the magical season of spring with the most impressive collection of cherry blossoms in all the world. The ephemeral trees show their face for only around two weeks every year and it's something to watch out for.

This is how Japan welcomes spring every year

The flowering cherry tree aka sakura, is one of the most beautiful and glorified plants in Japan

With floral displays of cherry blossom trees

It heralds the arrival of spring each year and is considered as a symbol of hope and renewal in the country

Japan, even has its own word for cherry blossom flower viewing - 'hanami'

When hanami takes place at night, it is known as 'yozakura'

Oh yes, that's Mount Fuji framed with the cherry blossoms

And look at that

Their presence makes everything seems so calm and peaceful, right?


This reminds us of the wonders of Nature...

...and the amazing displays she puts up for us. Chat with Hero to plan your trip to Japan!

Credits: Bored Panda, Daily Mail, ScoopWhoop