Travelling is to the soul what food is to the body.

That's why it's important to take a solo trip at least once in your life. Travelling all by yourself gives you an insight to life that's hard to find otherwise. It gives you a perspective that makes you see the world in a better light and helps you in understanding yourself and the world in a different way altogether. It just makes you a better person!

But before you head out for that solo trip adventure of yours, here are some things that will make your ‘first ever’ or the delightful next trip a comfortable and a kickass experience!

1. Know your destination before hand

Instead of depending on the local city guides, do your research before you pack everything and set out on that journey. If nothing else, this helps you to decide if a piece of information is useful to you or not.

2. Behave like a localite

Act like you are a part of the city that you are travelling to. That means you need to bargain, don't look lost and try to figure out things yourself before asking for help.

3. Keep a digital backup of your documents

Do this exercise for any document that's relevant; like your hotel bookings, tickets passport, visa, etc. God forbid, even if you lose your originals sometime during the trip you won't be stuck in a tricky situation.

4. Roll your clothes to save more space

This hack will help you save time and effort every time you head out to travel all by yourself. Rolling clothes before you pack them saves oodles of space and keeps them wrinkle-free!

5. Do an intense workout to avoid jet lag

Happy travels!

Credits: Hero, Tumblr, ScoopWhoop