Travelling - It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller! - Ibn Battuta

This quote perfectly describes the love for travel that many of us share. Traveling changes you in ways you cannot describe. Travelling rejuvenates the soul and relaxes the mind. Whether you go on a holiday with your family, your spouse/partner, with friends or alone, it becomes a memorable experience. One comes back brimming with stories, memories and a 'bring-it-on' attitude. 

So we bring you a list of places you can travel to in this year and collect multitude of new memories and experiences. 

1. Almora

With the alluring grandeur of natural beauty, Almora is a must visit for any nature enthusiast. Dotted with some colonial-era buildings,  community-based weaving enterprises and well established trekking trails, Almora is a picturesque town. Shop, people-watch or just take a stroll through the streets. 

2. Hampi

Hampi is the ruins of the once magnificent Vijayanagara Empire. A UNESCO world heritage site, it is charismatic even in its ruined state. It has an old-world charm about it that draws tourists from all strata of life. While the traditional visit to the ruins and the Hampi bazaar are a must do, cross the river. The new hangouts are across the river and offer a completely different experience. Relax and enjoy your time amidst the ruins of a lost empire.

3. Pushkar

This town is unlike any other in Rajasthan. Housing one of the few Brahma temples in the world, Pushkar is a city that every Hindu devotee must visit once in a lifetime. With 52 bathing ghats and numerous temples, the entire city hums with the sound of prayers and chants. It has quite a mystical quality about it that attracts both - curious tourists, and devout Hindus. Visit this place and come back entranced. 

Credits: Mouthshut, Tumblr, ScoopWhoop