We love travelling. It leaves us broke every few months, but guarantees a lifetime of memories, which is priceless. But better than travelling, as you will soon discover, is travelling alone. The peace that comes with being in a new place by yourself is unmatched. While it's still difficult for a woman in India to set out alone, we recommend that you still do it. And if you're an Indian woman who has travelled alone in the country, here's to you, sister.

Here's why every woman must pack her bags and take that flight, train, or bus to a new destination. Alone.

1. You'll learn how to get out of a jam yourself.

If you find yourself calling someone for help whenever you're in trouble, you need to get out of the city alone. When you're in a new city by yourself, there's no one else to depend on. You'll need to learn all you can to get out of any potential jams.

2. Learn to love your own company.

The only cure to loneliness is learning to hang out with yourself, and loving it. After all, if you don't like you, why should anyone else? Talk to yourself, if you must. Laugh to yourself. Value your own opinion.

3. Unmatched memories.

It's just you and your camera. The places you want to capture, the people you want to click. Travelling alone to a new destination makes you form a unique bond with that place. Your first memories will be only of you and unadulterated happiness.

4. Do your own thing. No compromises.

 Go with the flow or have an itinerary planned to the minute details. You're always in-charge of everything when you're travelling alone. Do things on your bucket list, go to places you wouldn't go to with anyone else, eat the local cuisine, even the most disgusting thing you can think of. No one will stop you.

5. You may discover a new place to live in.

Ever thought of leaving the maddening pace of your city and just settling down somewhere else? This could be your chance to discover your new home. Walk around the residential areas, spend a week or two with the locals, and wait to fall in love with the place.

6. Win your family's trust.

Your family's faith in your survival skills will increase with every solo trip you take. When they see their little girl making it on her own in the big, bad world, they'll feel so much more relieved about your safety and security.

7. Because you can and should be able to.

In a country like India, women need to make a point in everything they do. We are judged for the clothes we wear, the jobs we have, the way we walk and just about anything we do. To truly break the patriarchal mindset which only aims to hold women back, you must travel alone, ladies. Because you can and nothing should hold you back.

Don't get sad, get on a flight instead!