Life is very short, live it to the fullest. And what better than traveling with your best friends. Those friends who are the most important part of your lives, who make you happy, who are with you at 3am in the night, who are the most amazing persons in your life.India is an amazing country with stunning places which many of us are not aware of. So pack your bags & just go!


1. Lavasa, Pune

Lavasa is striking tourist destination which is situated in the western mountain ranges. This city is well planned which lies in the Pune district of Maharashtra state.You can pleasure your holidays while visiting this city as you can explore beautiful landscapes and serene environment.

2. Della Adventure, Lonavala

If you want an adrenaline rush then visit Della Adventure in Lonavala. It will give you a memorable vacation experience with adventure activities like Zorbing, Paintball, Buggy Ride, Flying Box, Rocket Ejector, Golf, Polaris, etc.

Land Zorbing is one of the most exciting thing to do here.

Riding a bike will never be as exciting as it is in Della Adventure.


Still not thrilling enough? Watch a video:

3. Rafting and Camping in Rishikesh

Go for a Jungle Trek to the Waterfall & then for River Rafting in the most exciting rapids of the Ganga. You can also visit the Ram Jhula. This will be the most thrilling journey of your life.

4. Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett is the jungle you read in books. Unbelievably tall sal trees and red leaves all over the floor make this place impossible not to fall in love with. Apart from mind-blowing landscapes and scenery, you will spot Tigers, Hanuman Langurs, Green Magpie, Emerald Dove, Barking Deer and many more.

5. Leh Ladakh

If there is a heaven, then it is in Leh-ladakh. It is a land of endless discovery. You will forget all your worries after you reach this heavenly place.

Hero visited all of these, when are you going to?