Open-up to North-East India

Watch how stunning and beautiful North-East India is. This makes us look at North-East India in a perspective, we have never looked at before. This latest TV advertisement by ‘Incredible India’ puts, North-East India in the spot-light and whoa, it leaves you feeling serene, magically bound and transcends you into another level of thinking as well. This will also make you wonder why you haven’t shifted to North-East India yet.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of India, Incredible India this video puts North-east India in a whole-new light as well. This is rather a whole-new highly appreciative perspective that has turned eyes to the part of the country that deserved it all-along. This Video shows why North-east India is one of the most Must-visit place in India. No matter how isolated the region is, it is still a part of ‘Incredible India’, indeed.

Watch and get ready to be amazed.