I could count on the tips of my fingers the number of places that can boast of the natural scenic beauty of the Araku Valley. It looks like it's right out of a movie.

The hills seem to roll on forever, under a carpet of green tree tops and forests of trees packed together like wooden fences. Waterfalls, historic caves and a coffee plantation. This place has it all.

So it wouldn't come as all that much of a surprise if I said that it is also an ideal destination for tourists and explorers alike. In fact there is an entire layer to the valley that has emerged as a response to that. I'm talking about a nature resort with treetop cabins, a museum dedicated to tribal art and a beautiful picnic spot in a clearing.

And just to drive the point home, here's what it looks like.

The Valley In Winter

The valley In Summer

The Valley During Monsoons.

The Borra caves

The waterfalls


Ananthagiri  Coffee Plantation

Tyda Jungle Bells Resort

The Tribal Museum

Dumbriguda Chaparai Picnic Spot

Galikonda Viewpoint

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things that you can never know about a place by looking at it's pictures. You experience them by going there. 

If you like to travel on rails - 

Araku has it's own railhead to which one passenger carrier leaves daily from Vishakhapatnam, in roundabouts six hours. 

But it is recommended that you take the roads. There is transport bus system from Vishakhapatnam to Araku which is regular a much better option if you wish to enjoy the stunning landscapes en route to the valley. 

Araku Valley, Where Have You Been?