Mashobra is a pretty little charming hill station surrounded by towering pine and cedar trees. With its amazing views and serenity all over, the lovely hill spot is an ideal gift of nature. Numerous scenic trekking and hiking trails will surely keep you going throughout the day so nature lovers here you go!


It is an invigorating town at an altitude of 2,148 meters above the sea level and is situated on the road connecting Shimla ( 10 Kms away) and Naldera in Himachal Pradesh, a north Indian State. Bordered by Indus and Ganges on either sides, Mashobra has got one of the largest spring heads in Asia.

Best Time to Visit Mashobra:

Time your visit to Mashobra when the weather is at its best and that is during the months of March to June, making this period the best time to visit this lovely place. In July the rains come down heavy and it continues through August, so it may be best to avoid this time as the weather is wet and very damp. 

The winter starts to set in early December, and temperatures drop. The days are pleasantly cool but night temperatures fall into single digits. January and February are also still cold with freezing temperatures, so unless you are planning on sitting before a fire and warming yourself, it may be best to avoid this time.

Things to do in Mashobra:

Camping in Mashobra: The lush hills of Mashobra make up for perfect camping grounds for thrill seekers. Camping in Mashobra is an ideal way to beat the heat this summer, owing to the fact that it is untouched and less crowded.

Go trekking in Mashobra: Towering over the district of Shimla, the Shali Tibba, at an altitude of 9,423 ft, offers scope for trekking in Mashobra. One can also trek from Fagu to the village of Chharabra via Tattapani stream.

Skiing at Mashobra in winters: Mashobra is also an excellent place for skiing in winters. In fact, Mashobra beats Shimla at being a highly preferred skiing destination, owing to the fact that Mashobra is rather untouched and less crowded.