Here are some of the aqua escapes near Pune where you can head on for one day trip: 


1. Mulshi

Mulshi is one of the best places near Pune fore a one day trip. It is the perfect spot for camping as it is home to Mulshi Lake formed in the catchment of Mulshi dam. Mulshi boasts of a pleasant weather throughout the year, which adds to the serene beauty of the place.

How to Reach: Mulshi can be reached within an hour and a half by road from Pune.

Attractions: Varasgaon dam, Temgarh dam and Panshet are some of the interesting places around Mulshi.

2. Panshet

Panshet is the closest destination for water sports in Pune. It is a wonderful place for a one day excursion with families to have a relaxed time. Panshet is ideal for a one day trips from Pune.

How to reach: You can enjoy the drive on the curvy roads as it is located just about 50 km from Pune.

Attractions: Varasgaon and Sinhagad are the nearby places to check out.

3. Khadakwasla

Khadakwasla lake is a popular hangout for the people of Pune. Khadakwasla is popular for the unique street food specialities and the weekends are usually crowded with people savoring the local food.

How to Reach: Khadakwasla is just about 20 km from Pune and is less than an hour’s drive.

Attractions: Popular places like Sinhagad, Panshet and Varasgaon are all near Khadakwasla.

4. Alibaug

If you are looking for a beach destination which is a quiet getaway, then Alibaug is an ideal picnic spot near Pune. The pristine beach, good hotels and resorts make Alibaug a popular destination.

How to Reach: Located about 140 km from Pune, it is 4 hours drive. However, it is just an hour away from Mumbai where you can reach via ferry.

Attractions: Apart from other beaches that are close by, Colaba fort is another major attraction in Alibaug.

5. Dapoli

Dapoli is a long stretch of beach in Ratnagiri, which is an ideal getaway from Pune. Plenty of secluded sea shores in between the vast expanse of the place and many water activities make it an excellent destination to spend a day with family.

How to Reach: Dapoli is about 200 km from Pune and takes about 4 hours to reach.

Attractions: Harnai port, the archaeological sites of Panhalekaji, the historic sea forts Suvarnadurg and Kanakdurg are some must see places.