The best places to visit in Bulgaria before you die vary widely, from UNESCO World Heritage sites to bustling cities, but in all of them you’re guaranteed fantastic views and excellent hospitality. Bulgaria is a democratic state with a market-based economy, and tourism plays a major part in that economy. 

Some of the Exotic places to see in Bulgaria are:


1. Srebarna Nature Reserve

This UNESCO World Heritage site is close to the town of the same name. The reserve encompasses the lake, also of the same name, which is beautiful in the summer months. There is a museum on the reserve, featuring preserved specimens of animals typical of the reserve.

2. Sunny Beach

A major resort on the coast of the Black Sea, this resort is host to thousands of tourists during the summer months. However, it is beautiful all year around, so visiting during the less popular times is advised.

3. Ruse

This city is the 5th largest in Bulgaria and is an important river port for the country’s imports and exports. This city is famous for its neo-Baroque and neo-Rococo architecture, and it is a beautiful city to visit with many museums and cultural points of interest.

4. Seven Rila Lakes

Located in the Rila Mountains, these glacial lakes sing in the sunlight. They are each surrounded by mountainous hills down to the valley where the lakes sit, and are beautiful to walk through during the summer months (or the winter months, if you are more adventurous!).

5. Iskar River

This river is the longest river flowing solely through Bulgaria, and is a tributary of the Danube. It cuts through beautiful hills and mountains, and there are many places on this river, from mountains to plains, to visit. It is perfect for hiking and spotting wildlife.

6. Sofia

Sofia is the largest city in Bulgaria, and its capital. It is home to Bulgaria’s largest art museums, a mall, many historical museums, and churches. The architecture is some of the most beautiful in Eastern Europe, and there are many public spaces and statues which you can admire for free.