Mumbai is India’s biggest and most populous city. Apart from being the country’s financial capital, Mumbai has earned several other titles like ‘the land of dreams’ and the city that never sleeps.  a chat with anyone who has lived for long enough in this vibrant city will tell you all the reasons that make it not just the best city in India but in the world!

Here is a sneak peek into 10 reasons why Mumbai is the best city to live in! 


1. Regardless of what their financial status is, Mumbaikars have learnt to co-exist and share with every class of society.

2. Despite the occasional unrest, Mumbai is hugely secular with people from all castes and religions living happily together.

3. Yes, the local trains are crowded but every time you try to catch a running train with people sprawling out of the door, you will find a hand to pull you in – EVERY SINGE TIME!

4. The renowned Mumbai Dabbawallas who deliver close to 200,000 tiffin boxes everyday to make sure people can enjoy their home-cooked food.

5. The taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers amaze you with their honesty and helpfulness. It might not seem so but they actually care.

6. Its nightlife is perhaps the best in the country with a large number of pubs, restaurants, discotheques, cinema halls that stay open late into the night.

7.  In no other Indian city can a girl step out in the middle of the night wearing whatever she chooses to and not be gawked upon.

8. Be it power and water cuts, flooded roads during the rains or even the terror attacks, Mumbai gets up and about and springs back to life in the quickest turn-around time possible. It is truly the city that never sleeps!

9. While its infrastructure and amenities are criticized, it quietly continues to grow and become better every single day. The Mumbai metro is a fine example.

10. It is home to the biggest movie industry in the world!