Inspired to take a road trip, but not sure where to go? You could just hit the road, or you could do one of these iconic road trips and find out what makes them American classics!

Here is a list of roads which will inspire you to ride on:


1. Route 66

Ah, the Mother Road. This Illinois-California route was wildly popular post-WWII, and it still has that old-timey nostalgia even today, as evidenced by the stops on our Route 66 Roadside Icons trip!

2. Pacific Coast Highway

This All-American road is literally right on the California coast, so it offers some pretty stunning scenery, plus there’s tons of great stops along the way from Legget, across the Golden Gate bridge, through Big Sur, and down into LA and San Diego!

3. Extraterrestrial Highway

Looking for a more offbeat trip? Even though we can’t really travel into space (yet), you can at least travel the Extraterrestrial Highway (aka Nevada State Route 375). It takes you through some pretty unremarkable desert, where some pretty remarkable (alleged) alien encounters have occurred! While we can’t guarantee a close encounter, we can help you find the most out of this world spots with our guide!

4. Oregon Trail

Had a hard time beating the game? Your chances of dying of dysentery while taking this trip in real life are a lot slimmer. This route (best taken in a Conestoga wagon) will take you through history and through some America’s gorgeous Western scenery! This guide, inspired by the computer game, takes you past some of the landmarks that guided the pioneers!

5. Natchez Trace

This former buffalo trail is now one of America’s more scenic drives! Check out some classic Southern sights, from historical landmarks to diners that serve delicious comfort food with our guide to driving Natchez.

6. Blue Ridge Parkway

This All-American road connects two national parks along a chain of mountains, so you know you’re in for some breathtaking views! Travel it in the summer and spring for some hiking and camping, or do it in the fall to catch some of the colorful foliage!

7. Going-to-the-Sun Road

If you’re visiting Glacier National Park, then you’ll have no choice but to take this gorgeous drive! As the only road that crosses the whole park, you’ll see panoramic mountain views, bright blue glacial lakes, and forested valleys. In fact, parts of the trip may look familiar, as it’s been featured in The Shining, Forrest Gump and Blade Runner!