A 24 hour to 20 hour daytime which varies per the proximity to the pole, for an extended time period, that essentially means that for weeks and months altogether it is bright and sunny! These places obviously have a specific geographical location, close to the poles of the earth. This phenomenon occurs because the Earth is tilted on its axis by approximately 23 degrees. At the poles, North Pole and South Pole, this means that the sun only rises and sets once each year.

Here are the list of 5 places where the sun never sets:


1. Norway

Due to Norway’s high latitude, there are large seasonal variations in daylight. During the summer months or from late May to late July, the sun never completely descends beneath the horizon in areas north of the Arctic Circle (hence Norway’s description as the “Land of the Midnight Sun” and the rest of the country experiences up to 20 hours of daylight per day. 

2. Iceland

A country full of beautiful varied landscapes with an ethereal quality where you can visit waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers and geysers or go camping and diving. Plus, you can also ride the Icelandic horses or play the leisure sport of golf at any of the 65 golf courses at midnight.

3. Canada

In Inuvik and Northwest Territories, Canada, it is daytime for about 50 days during the summer! Fishing and hunting, participating in the Great Northern Arts Festival (annual feature in mid-July), playing golf on the tundra and participating in the Midnight Sun Fun Run (starts at midnight on the weekend closest to the summer solstice) are some activities that you can enjoy when you visit these places where the sun never sets.

4. Sweden

When in Sweden, you can enjoy the midnight sun in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden where the sun sets around midnight and rises again at 4:30 am in the morning. Stockholm actually consists of 14 islands, it is also located at the place where Lake Malaren joins the Baltic Sea, and thus, 30% of Stockholm is made-up of waterways. Go for a ride on the waters to view the midnight sun.

5. Finland

Skiing, cycling, rock climbing and hiking are some activities where you can have fun when you are visiting this country of the midnight sun. You can plan your holiday to Finland during the Finnish National Holiday of Midsummer (during the months when sun does not set) when people light bonfires, go for boating and fishing.