The Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is a mesmerizing national park known for its meadows of alpine flowers and other flora. It is located in the West Himalayas. Mountains in the background, gurgling streams and flowers as far as the eye can see – it’s a little slice of heaven.

Located in the Chamoli district, it has an area of about 87 km and is 8 km long.

How to reach :

Valley of Flowers is located 300 Kms north of Rishikesh(6 hours drive from Delhi), near Badrinath. From Haridwar, it takes about 3 hours. Cars are allowed upto Govind ghat. From Govindghat, the trek begins.

Best time to Visit : April to June

During the winters, the Valley of Flowers is completely covered by snow.  The park remains shut during this time. As the snow starts melting, the seeds start germinating and by July and August, the flowers are in full bloom. A trip in September may not be that lovely but you can still see several flowers.


From October to March, the valley is covered in snow. From April onwards to June, the temperature is cool – it reaches a maximum of around 20C. At the end of June to September, there is heavy rainfall. This is followed by dense fogs and slightly colder weather right upto October again.

Treks :

There are 2 treks that are offered. The first is through Ghangaria which is the base camp for the trek to Valley of Flowers. It has private lodges and hotels for accommodation. One cannot stay at Valley of flowers, therefore Ghangaria remains an ideal place to relax and sleep. At an altitude of 12,763 ft, the trek is moderate. It is for 6 days and 5 nights with sightseeing of Hemkund Sahib etc.

The second was opened again,very recently, after 45 years, by the Government of India. The entire area was affected by disastrous flash floods last year and rescue operations were hampered because there was only one route. Thus, the decision was taken to restart one of the old routes.

So What are you waiting for? Start Planning!