If it’s serenity then it’s in the very air of this place. If it’s about freshness it’s in the rising sun and, if it’s the peace then it’s in the very soil and stone of this place. A Union Territory that consists of only two districts; Daman and Diu is turning out to be the next destination in this season of sweat and sun.

It’s not only a destination much unheard of but a destination loved by those who know. And this love solely takes birth from what this amazing small bundle of island towns has to offer to its visitors.

Once ruled by the Portuguese, the colonial architecture is still well restored. Given the name of the “Isle of Calm” by the tourism department, it was soon changed to “Ilha de Calma” as a sign of respect to the Portuguese culture that is now endangered. Other than the beaches, the place is famous for colonial time cathedrals, caves and forts.

The most famous church is the St Paul’s Church, which happens to be a charming baroque marble facade. This place is the best when it comes to experiencing peace in all its sweet flavors.

Naida Caves are a labyrinth of mystery and history. Naida caves are like a confusing network of tunnels that are largely unexplored till date. Well exploration is a traveler’s call but the mysterious vibes of the Naida Caves are enough to give you a high. Other popular tourist destinations include The Lighthouse, Fort Jerome, Deer Park and the Damanganga Dam.

The destination is also a common weekend getaway owing to its untouched beauty and unhindered peace. The Daman and Diu tourism has also played a huge role in transforming the place to attract guests from all over world. It has gradually become more of an exotic location within India.