We always have our eyes open to spot new trends in the camping industry, and this design in off grid camping trailer doesn’t fail to disappoint. Focussing on environmental and self-sufficient outcomes, this towable travel trailer promises no need to recharge or resupply for prolonged periods of time whilst in the wilderness, allowing for a true nomadic lifestyle experience.

The micro-home camper trailer is powered by a built-in wind turbine and an array of solar cells. This two powered system, with a high capacity battery, allows for energy collection in most climates.

The spherical shape of the off grid camping trailer has been designed to collect rainwater efficiently, with built-in filters available to clean anything stored in the tanks underneath.

Cleverly designed by Nice Architects, the user has a warm bed, running water, hot food, kitchenette, toilet, shower, diner and work areas, in a space only 2.55 metres high, 4.45 metres long and 2.25 metres wide.