Bhutan, a landlocked kingdom between two of the world’s most populous countries — India and China — it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The nation is home to numerous monasteries and consists of splendid views and a pleasant climate. While citizens of various countries may find it difficult and expensive to visit Bhutan, it isn’t the same for Indians.

Here are five reasons why Bhutan should be on your travel bucket list this year.


1. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket

One of the first things that come up when you think of taking a trip abroad is the money you’ll spent. Indian currency isn’t very strong and there aren’t too many countries where you can go without spending more. But Bhutan is a great choice as its currency is of the same value as the INR. So a trip to Bhutan will not burn a hole in your pocket.

2. Indians do not require a visa to visit Bhutan

Another issue that prevents you from taking a trip abroad is the visa hassle. Luckily for Indians, Bhutan is one of the countries that do not require Indians to have a visa on their passport. This makes things easy and also saves you money on the visa fee, win-win!

3. It is a carbon-negative country

With India’s capital Delhi being among the top cities in the world for being the most polluted, Bhutan is the complete opposite. The country is world’s first and only one that is a carbon-negative country. It means it absorbs more carbon than it emits it making its air so very pure. Imagine what breathing this air even for a few days can do your mind and body.

4. It measures progress highest Gross National Happiness

While most countries measure their progress by their Gross Domestic Product or GDP, Bhutan measures it by its Gross National Happiness or GNH. The nation gives equal importance to the economic growth as well as the well-being of its people. So if you want to escape to a happy place, Bhutan is literally one that should be on your list!

5. Indians can drive to and in Bhutan

Indians share a border with Bhutan that makes it accessible for us to drive to the country. Yes, you need a permit once you reach the border to enter the country but the fact that you can drive in your car to a country is thrilling enough. Road trip anyone?