India, quite famously known for its incredible culture, exotic cuisine and as an emerging global giant, also offers many immense opportunities for adventure enthusiastic people. There are some exhilarating Indian travel destinations where you can witness the true colours of India and have a lot to fun.

Here are some of the things to do when you are in India-


1. Rafting in Rishikesh

Rishikesh, a holy city of the Hindus is also a paradise for rafting lovers as it is considered the white water rafting capital of India. Every adventure seeker lands in Rishikesh to find solitude and peace and also to enjoy the thrills and frills of rafting. The rafting grades vary from 2-4, and occasionally hits 5 during peak monsoon. 

2. Bike trip to Ladakh

If you love riding a bike,then a bike trip to Ladakh is a must. Starting the trip from Manali, you pass through the ethereal Rohtang Pass, Lahaul and several high mountain passes before entering Ladakh. As the Rohtang Pass remains closed from December to June, do not consider your trip between this period. The bike trip you experience here is complete apotheosis of a dream bike ride.

3. Wagah Border visit

The Wagah Border is usually visited by a few people during the day hours but the numbers rise exponentially during the evening. As the sun goes down, the retreat ceremony at the border begins. With the bugle sound over both sides coupled with the soldiers taking guard, stamping their feet to out hard to overcome the stamping sound of their counterpart over the other side of the border, this experience is surely the one amongst the best one could ever witness.

4. Take a dip at Sangam

Sangam, meaning confluence, is a place in the holy city of Allahabad where the holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati (mythical) rivers meet; creating a confluence which is called Triveni Sangam. Sangam which is in Allahabad also finds a mention in the Hindu Mythology. According to Hindu Mythology, the Gods considered the spot (Prayag) as auspicious and so the pot (kumbh), containing the nectar of immortality (amrit) which was churned out of the Ocean of Milk,was placed at Prayag. 

5. A Tour of Chandni Chowk area in the old Delhi

Making way through the narrow lanes of the area might initially be irritating for some of you. But you would soon fall in love with the chaos and alacrity of the place. A visit to the place should be coupled with the delicious, mouth watering food served in the famous Paranthe wali gali and at the Karim’s, which is owned by one of the descendants of the cooks who were a part of the Royal Mughal Kitchen.

6. The colourful Durga Puja

If you are planning to visit India, do adjust your schedule so that you are able to witness the colourful Indian festival of Durga Puja, which is more famous in the eastern part of the country, especially in Kolkata. The festival is held during the Navratra, and is a true reflection of the grand tradition and culture of India.The Durga Puja festival is an extremely social and theatrical event.