Himachal Pradesh is full of beautiful places. Not only it has the beautiful Shimla, Manali & Dharamshala, Himachal also has Khajjiar which is an extremely beautiful & picturesque place. Khajjiar is located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh at a distance of 570 km from Delhi and 24 km from Dalhousie. Due to its beauty Khajjiar is also called “Mini Switzerland”.


1. Khajji Nag Temple

Khajji Nag Temple was built way back in 12 Century AD. This temple is located near the lake and is also believed to be one of the holiest temples in Himachal Pradesh. This ancient temple has a mandapa inside it where you can see the hanging images of Kauravas with the defeated Pandavas (From the ancient epic Mahabharata). Khajji Nag Temple is dedicated to Khajji Nag who is known to be the Lord or the Serpents.

2. Khajjiar Lake and Ground

Khajjiar Lake & Ground is a beautiful place and is a real treat to the eyes. This place bears a striking resemblance to lush green Switzerland and can be reached via Bakrota Hills from Dalhousie. While you move towards Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary, you would be able to see the Lakkad Mandi. When you move further down, you can see the Khajjiar Ground and the extremely beautiful lake located centrally in it.

3. Kailash View

If you stand on the Khajjiar Ground, you will be able to see glimpses of Mount Kailash (Known as Kailash Parvat in Hindi). It is said that Mount Kailash used to be home to Lord Shiva and he resides there.

4. Khajjiar Villages

Khajjiar is also popular for its beautiful & small Villages like Rota, ladi etc which are situated near the slopes. Within the tall deodar forests of Khajjiar these villages are quite near to the ground of Khajjiar. These small villages are quite popular in this area for Apple Orchards.

5. Panch Pandav Tree

The Panch Pandav Tree is a very popular tree located in the ground of Khajjiar and famous for its shoots. This tree is located near a rest house while moving towards Khajjiar School. There are a total of 6 shoots coming out of the tree. However, the shoots and the main root of the tree are the same. Local people of Khajjiar say that the five shoots of the this tree stands for the Five Pandavas and the last one stands for Draupadi.

6. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in between Oak and coniferous trees, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 19.63 sq km.This lovely sanctuary is has species like deer, serow, jackal, leopard, black bear, wild cats, Himalayan black marten and others. While you are in the Sanctuary you would also be able to see many endangered species of animals and birds. This sanctuary is located in between Dalhousie and Khajjiar.

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