Literally meant the ‘Gift of the Forest’, Kodaikanal, appears as an utterly blissful hill station in South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This hill station has classy tourist attractions that can be witnessed while holidaying in Kodaikanal. Free of clutters and noises of the city life, Kodaikanal rejuvenates the travelers inside out.

Let us take a glance at the top 7 attractions and places to visit in Kodaikanal.


1. Kodai Lake

Dug out in 1863, this star-shaped lake is found in a greenery enriched location where you can seek utter peacefulness. Crystal clear water of the lake reflects the images of the nearby greeneries and soothes the exhausted souls seeking bliss in nature. The 5km long walkway running parallel to the lake serves as an ideal space to sit and relax. 

2. Coakers Walk

Travellers opine that while being in Kodaikanal if one doesn’t go for exploring Coakers Walk one would miss the real charm of this quaint hill station.  While walking on this walkway, you would get to see the panoramic views of the greenery enriched hills where clouds roam in their playful rhythm. Take a walk up to the Telescope House for witnessing close-up views of the valley.

3. Berijam Lake

A scenic freshwater lake amidst dark green and misty surrounding, Berijam Lake is one of the most popular attractions in Kodaikanal. This lovely waterbody covers an area of around 59 acres and is created by a dam. Densely covered with shola forests and grasslands, the lake vicinity provides shelter to a variety of wild animals such as Bison, Nilgiri Langur, Deer. 

4. Devil’s Kitchen

A must explore attraction for adventure buffs and thrill seekers Devil’s Kitchen is located on the southern escarpment of the Palani Hill. It is mainly situated between three naturally arranged imposing boulders. In local language, it is known as Guna Caves and mainly known for its unpredictable depth and scary darkness of the bat-infested chamber. 


5. Green Valley View

Do you like mist, cold and green shades a lot? Then believe me you are likely to lose yourself if you spend a few hours in Green Valley View. A must head tourist spot in Kodaikanal, this popular sightseeing attraction is situated near the Kodaikanal Golf Club and on the way to the Pillar Rocks. Stand at a point and get a birds’ eye view of the 5000 ft deep valley clad with cloud and immense variety of flora and fauna.

6. Dolphin’s Nose

Amidst mystique clouds, deep valley and dark green surroundings stand this flat rock with the appearance of a dolphin’s nose. One of the best places to hangout in Kodaikanal, this extended rock face is found at a height of around 6600ft and fascinates all who love to spend time in the lap of nature. A moderate trek follows till the summit of Dolphin’s nose and it takes 3-4 hours to undertake this trek.

7. Bryant Park

Located in the eastern side of Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant Park is spread across an area of around 20.5 acres. The park was designed by H. D. Bryant in the year 1908. The park boasts over 325 species of trees, shrubs and cactuses. The best part is the rose nurturing section where more than 740 varieties of roses bloom in vivid shades. In monsoon when most of the flowers bloom together the park looks mesmerising.