Tamil Nadu has yet again topped as India’s tourist destination. Tamil Nadu, situated in the south eastern part of Indian Peninsula, has more than 4000 years of cultural heritage and history. Known for its temples, hill stations and scenic beauty, Tamil Nadu is also rich in cultural traditions of music, folk arts and dance.

Here are some stunning pictures of this beautiful and culturally rich state that will push you to plan a trip soon to Tamil Nadu :


The beautiful ancient Shiva temple in Tamil Nadu

Evenings in Trichy look like this

Scenic views of traditional houses, Hindu temples and mesmerizing waters in Kanchipuram

Beautiful Jambukeswarar Temple in Trichy against such stunning backdrops

Gundar waterfalls located amidst dense forests near Kodaikanal

Quaint villages like these located in the middle of serene nature in Nilgiri

One of the leading tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu is the alluring city of Kanyakumari

An aerial view of Kodaikanal looks something like this:

And the Swami Vivekananda Memorial serves as the southernmost point of mainland India

Pamban bridge which is the second longest railway bridge in India in Rameswaram offers breathtaking views