Happily snuggling the Sahyadris or Western Ghats, Saputara is a small yet special destination in Gujarat. Reckoned to be the most popular hill station in the state, at Saputara the lush green forests and enchanting waterfalls; the beautiful sunrise and sunset and the consistent salubrious climate accentuate the beauty of the region.


Places to See:

Sunrise Point - Sunrise Point is situated around 1.5 kms from Saputara towards Waghai. This place offers best views of Saputara and the adjoining region of Malegoan.

Sunset Point/ Gandhi Shikhar - Sunset Point in Saputara offers a vantage point from where a very scenic view of Dang Forest can be witnessed. The forest area around Saputara is dotted with tribal villages, so in far distance from the Sunset Point, one can also observe the tribal settlements.

Gira Waterfalls - Gira Waterfall is situated off the Saputara - Waghi road about 49 kms from Saputara. The waterfall originating from Kapri tributary is at its best during the monsoon season. The water cascades from a height of 30m into the Ambika River offering a very picturesque view.

Mahal Forest - Reckoned to be one of the densest forests in Gujarat, the Mahal forest is situated about 68kms from Saputara. This place is open for tourists only at a specific time during the year and the tourists are required to take special permission from the forest department to visit here.


Ambapada - Ambapada, which is situated about 48kms from Saputara is an interesting place to visit. It is a traditional Dangi village that the tribals inhabit. The lush bamboo groves flank the village making it look absolutely beautiful.

Popular Festival in Saputara :

Although all major festivals are celebrated with equal zeal and enthusiasm in Saputara, yet Dang Darbar is unique to this part of Gujarat. It is an annual tribal festival that is held prior to Holi. Dang Darbar is a colourful affair where the tribes congregate to celebrate the political pension of the tribal kings. Dance, music, colour and purchase and sell of tribal wares can all be seen in this festival.

Accommodations in Saputara :

In Saputara a wide range of accommodation is available. From luxury resorts to budget hotels, one has the choice to pick whichever accommodation option suits him the best.

Best Time to Visit Saputara :

The best time to visit Saputara is between mid March and mid November. Saputara does not experience extreme climate so it is a refreshing retreat from the scorching heat of the plains. The hills are pleasant during the monsoon season with greenery all around and this is a refreshing change from the concrete jungle of the city.