While there are several surveys that keep doing the rounds, the figures that really matter are the ones released by the Ministry of Tourism. According to the ministry these are the ten most popular states for foreign tourists. The ministry arrived at the data going by the number of foreign tourist arrivals in each of these states.

Here's a list of the places which attracts lots of Tourists and you may be surprised to learn which one made the top of the list :


10. Goa made a comeback to the top ten list just by the skin of its teeth. In 2015, Goa recorded 0.54 million foreign tourist arrivals.

9. Karnataka that finds itself sandwiched between two tourism superstar states of Kerala and Goa did a good showing as it welcomed 0.64 million tourists in 2015.

8. Bihar ranked number eight with 0.92 million foreign tourist arrivals…

7. While God’s Own Country, Kerala, saw 0.98 million foreign tourists arriving on its shores to rejuvenate themselves.

6. At number seven was Rajasthan that said ‘Khamma Ghani’ to 1.48 million foreign tourists.

5. West Bengal edged past Rajasthan by just 0.01 million more arrivals and finished number five recording 1.49 million foreign tourist arrivals.

4. There was Delhi that came fourth with 2.38 million foreign tourists arriving at its gates.

3. Uttar Pradesh attracted 3.1 million tourists in 2015, a number that isn’t surprising given that it is home to the iconic Taj Mahal.

2. Maharashtra finished second with 4.41 million foreign tourists arriving in the state in 2015.

1. But it was Tamil Nadu that bagged the top spot with a whopping 4.68 million tourists making their way to the southern state in 2015.