Nature has offered a lot to nourish the beauty of each and every part of the world. There are some common beauties present everywhere. There are no such set criteria to judge the incredibility of these countries. But depending on the location, natural beauty, surrounding area, and financial condition of those countries they are said to be incredible.

Here are the best of them. 


 1. Cape Town - South Africa

This wonderful city is located to the most southern point of Africa. You can spot some dolphins and whales playing in the aquatic zone. Ride upto to the top of Table Mountain. You will surely enjoy the magnificent views of the city from the top. Have a visit to one of the vineyards and you must not miss to taste some of the best wines produced here. 

2. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a breathtaking, lively city where one has lots of activities to do and see. For changing the tempo you can go into the cable car on the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain. Do not miss to enjoy the landscape while riding. It will surely take your breath away. Keep your day to day troubles of life aside. 

3. Venice - Italy

The beauty of Venice is hidden in the unique architectural style of all its buildings. Their reflection on the canal, passing across the city looks more appealing. Its magical landscape is mesmerizing and spectacular at first sight. Its picturesque view looks like a city of real-life fairy tale.

4. Sydney - Australia

Being the state capital of New South Wales Sydney offers attractive sites to visit. The Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour are famous worldwide. The city is gifted with open spaces and access to waterways. The structures of Gothic, Romanesque, revival and many other styles are stunning.

5. Budapest - Hungary

Budapest is the amalgamation of three wonderful cities. Royal palaces and gothic monuments are located on Buda hill. Its broad avenues are lined with stylish neo-renaissance buildings. The beauty of famous monumental Chain Bridge is stunning. Get some delicious cakes, get boozed in strong liquor, and have some wonderful massage in the local thermal spas.