A photography trip around the City of Joy is always a Pandora’s box of surprises! You never know what you’re gonna find! There seem to be myriad perceptions to entice the lenses, a million more for the senses. Anyway, I should just let the pictures do the the talking. So here are some snaps, we could capture on a casual trip along the Maidan- Princep Ghat areas.

And here you go!


And why Kolkata came to be known as the City of Palaces!

Scenes from Maidan: Far from the Madding Crowd?

Ting! Ting! Its a tram!

Race Course: Where many fortunes have been made… at the cost of others. No bets taken anymore!

Tracks of Grass: The tram journey along this route is really soothing, partially due to the laid back movement of the trams.

The Memorial to James Princep, by the 2nd Hoogly Bridge- a surprisingly pleasant place!

A Walk to Remember- Along the Beautified River Banks of Ganges.

Take a boat ride at Princep Ghat!