For the longest time, Macau has been the go-to destination for the high rollers from two of Asia’s biggest economies: India and China. And while Macau is indeed one helluva place to throw the dice, there is a lot more to this undiscovered gem of a destination. History and heritage may not necessarily be associated with Macau but you will be surprised with what you can discover in Macau.

We bring you the top five heritage sites in Macau that should totally be on your itinerary:


1. Moorish Barracks

Constructed in 1874, the Moorish Barracks has a special Indian connection. The brick-and-stone neo-classical structure with Mughal influences was built in order to accommodate an Indian regiment from Goa so as to reinforce Macau’s police force.

2. Ruins of St Paul’s

Often called Macau’s ‘Acropolis’ the Ruins of St Paul’s are a major tourist attraction. The ruins belong to the 17th century Church of Mater Dei that was destroyed by fire in 1835 and St Paul’s College that stood next to the church.

3. Casa Garden

The spectacular building you see in the picture above was constructed in 1770 and was once the home to Manuel Pereira, a rich Portuguese merchant. Eventually it was rented out to the East India Company and was home to the directors of the firm’s Macau branch. 

4. Protestant Cemetery

The Old Protestant Cemetery serves as the final resting place of people with some serioteus historical connections.Royal Navy captain Henry John Spencer-Churchill lies here as does the US Naval Lieutenant Joseph Harod Adams, the grandson of the second president of the United States, John Adams.

5.  Guia Fortress Complex

The Guia Fortress Complex comprises a fort, a chapel and a lighthouse complex. While the fort and the chapel were built between 1622 and 1638, the lighthouse dates back to 1864-65. The lighthouse has the unique distinction of being the first western-style lighthouse in East Asia.