There are those of us who crave the convenience of big cities, while some of us prefer the neighbourly comfort of suburbia. No matter which of the two best describes you

All of us from time to time fantasise about living in the middle of nowhere, off the grid, in some far away land.

Maybe you’ve day dreamed of owning your own island? Or perhaps you’ve imagined living in a cosy cabin lost deep in the woods? We’ve got just the cure for your hectic diary: these peculiar dwellings that are about as secluded as it gets.

1. House on the river

For more than four decades this bizarre little house has survived everything nature can throw at it. Balancing on a rock in the middle of the Drina River in Serbia, the house has been pounded by floods and high winds, but has stood strong. Built by a group of young swimmers out having a splash in the river who simply wanted a place to rest, they found the rock and started using it regularly. Then as time went by, they wanted a more comfortable place and began to build the house one board at a time.

The OMG Look!

2. Luka Vuerich hut

This small structure is a cosy hut located on the crest of Foronon Buinz in the Julian Alps. Designed by architect Giovanni Pesamosca and named in memory of the deceased climber Luka Vuerich, the cabin contains nine beds and sits  2531 metres above sea level. It is strategically located along a summit trail providing refuge for hikers, climbers or anyone looking for a place to rest in the mountains. Sleeping in the hut is free … provided you’re able to climb up there!

A Closer Look For The Better Feel!

3. Garden cabin studio

This project is a collaboration between architect Ville Hara of Avanto Architects and designer Linda Bergroth. The pair launched their garden shed kit in 2010, combining a green house with storage space, and it comes in ready-made elements that can be assembled simply with a screwdriver. Bergroth customised one of the prototypes to create her very own cabin retreat on a small island in eastern Finland.

A Glassy Look

All of us have a quiet person inside us. Fulfil wishes of them too. Go, have a stay in these houses.

Credits: Domain, Design Boom