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5 Most Beautiful Norwegian Fjords


5 Most Beautiful Norwegian Fjords

During the ice ages, deep valleys and narrow inlets filled with ocean water, creating the natural wonders that the modern world often refers to as fjords. Although there are many fjords across the globe, the ones that grace the Norwegian coastline reign as the most popular because of their astonishing beauty. 

Here's a list of top 5 places you should definitely put into your bucket list:


1. Nordfjord

Located in western Norway, Nordfjord is favored for its perfect blend of incredible scenery, historic sites and wide range of fun activities. No matter what the season, Nordfjord offers plenty of things to see and do such as taking a boat cruise around the fjord itself to revel in its awe-inspiring beauty.

2. Hardangerfjord

As the world’s third largest fjord, Hardangerfjord is popularized by its vibrant region that is often called the Orchard of Norway because of its colorful fruit trees and gardens. Many travelers choose to visit here during May to see the blossoming of trees like apples, plums, cherries and pears.

3. Lysefjord

Although smaller in size than many other fjords in Norway, Lysefjorden attracts about 300,000 visitors annually. What makes this fjord so special is Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock. Standing atop the wide, flat plateau of Pulpit Rock gives visitors an adrenaline rush like no other as they tower nearly 600 meters (2,000 feet) up in the open sky over the vast fjord.

4. Sognefjord

As Norway’s largest fjord, Sognefjord also offers huge fun and adventure. Popular sightseeing options here include Norway’s oldest stave church at Urnes, the Viking Village in Gudvangen, the Magic White Caves of Gudvangen, and the Aurlandsdalen Valley, which is often called Norway’s Grand Canyon because of its vast beauty and wildlife diversity.

5. Geirangerfjord

With its remarkable scenery of deep blue waters and majestic mountains, it is no wonder that the Geirangerfjord is among the most visited Norwegian fjords. When visiting here, a must-do is a sightseeing cruise on the fjord to view its astonishing beauty and its famous waterfalls, the Seven Sisters, which plunge directly into the fjord.



Famous Landmarks In Germany You Should Visit


Famous Landmarks In Germany You Should Visit

A trip to Germany can be a truly iconic getaway. Nowhere else in the world does the culture so seamlessly blend historic architecture, medieval streets and a modern, progressive society. Perhaps most importantly, you won’t want to miss any of these famous landmarks in Germany.

Here's a look to few famous landmarks in Germany you should definitely visit :


1. Sanssouci Palace

In the heart of Sanssouci Park in the city of Potsdam, you’ll find the incredible New Palace, often referred to as Sanssouci Palace. Built in the 18th century under the commission of Frederick the Great, the palace is a beautiful example of baroque architecture and design.

2. Monument to the Battle of the Nations

The city of Leipzig is an industrial hub and a cultural destination in Germany, but what it is best known for is the Völkerschlachtdenkmal, or the Monument to the Battle of the Nations. The monument, which is nearly 300 feet (91 meters) high, was erected at the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig.

3. Nuremberg Christmas Market

There is no bad time to visit Germany, but there is something truly magical about visiting during the holidays. In November of each year, Nuremberg transforms into a winter wonderland thanks to its Christkindlesmarkt, or outdoor Christmas market. 

4. Neuschwanstein Castle

If you’re a fan of fairy tales, then don’t leave Germany without seeing Neuschwanstein Castle in person. Located just outside of the town of Füssen in Bavaria, Schloss Neuschwanstein was commissioned by King Ludwig II in the 19th century.

5. Mount Zugspitze

If you’re after spectacular views, then nothing can compare to the vistas from the top of Mount Zugspitze. Located in the Wetterstein Mountains, Zugspitze is the tallest peak in the country and a popular spot for photography as well as outdoor recreation. In the winter, the mountain is ideal for skiing and snowboarding, and in the warmer month it is perfect for hiking. 

6. Heidelberg Castle

The city of Heidelberg is a medieval history lover’s dream, and it boasts everything from the oldest university in Germany to remnants of the Bibliotheka Palatina, which was the nation’s first library. Perhaps the biggest attraction in the city, however, is the Heidelberg Castle.

7. Reichstag

Visiting Berlin is a must for anyone in Germany. More than just the German capital, Berlin represents a part of the country that was divided in the 20th century into East and West. A unifying German landmark rich with political significance is the Reichstag, which is where the German Parliament meets.

8. Brandenburg Gate

Another iconic landmark in Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate, which was once a 18th century city gate and now stands as a symbol of the city. The Brandenburg Gate is built in a neoclassical style, and was commissioned by a Prussian king as a symbol of peace.



7 Best Clifftop Hotels In The World You'd Love To Visit


7 Best Clifftop Hotels In The World You'd Love To Visit

Planning an international trip? Here are some of the world’s best clifftop hotels that will let you enjoy your stay with breathtaking views of unspoiled nature and mesmerizing oceans.

Here is a list of the world's best cliff top hotels with breath taking views of nature:


1. Monastero Santa Rosa, Italy

2. Cape View Clifton (Cape Town)

3. Cliff House Hotel, Ireland

4. Post Ranch Inn,USA

5. Mystique, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Greece.

6. Bulgari Resort Bali, Indonesia

7. Alila Jabal Akhdar, Oman



5 Affordable Off-Peak Destinations Worth a Visit


5 Affordable Off-Peak Destinations Worth a Visit

Many associate the end of summer with the return to the grind — but it doesn’t have to be so! The fall season can actually be a prime time for a getaway; even in popular autumnal locales, rates across the board generally aren’t at their very highest, and airline prices certainly aren’t soaring like they are around the holiday season. 

Let us take a tour to some of the affordable off-peak destinations which are worth visiting:


1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you considered traveling to Europe this summer, then you definitely learned at least one thing: it ain’t cheap. Summertime is the most popular season for almost every European destination, and that was certainly the case for Croatia, which has been one of the most popular getaways in the world in recent years

2. Nantucket

Nantucket is one of the Northeast’s most popular — and most expensive — summertime escapes. Visitors either have to shell out a load of cash for flights, or suffer through insane motor traffic only to take a packed ferry over to the island. Come fall, though, its a different story; flights are reasonable, ferries are discounted and lack the crowds, and Nantucket exudes that perfect New England fall vibe that’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

3. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic makes almost every list of affordable beach destinations. Not only is it relatively easy to get to — with direct flights leaving from the U.S. and Europe daily — but it is filled with all-inclusive resorts, many of which offer affordable package deals. 

4. Victoria, British Colombia

Victoria bustles with tourists during the summertime, when temperatures are perfectly pleasant: sunny and warm, but without the sticky feeling that Caribbean and city destinations’ weather can produce. And while it’s freezing come wintertime in this Canadian locale, visitors pack the slopes. So we found the sweet spot: Victoria’s autumn. 

5. Sedona

Sedona is another spa-like destination, this time stateside, where you can find Zen not only from spa treatments and a tranquil natural setting, but also through the money you’ll save if you visit during the off-peak fall season. Sure, summertime may be pretty quiet here too — but that’s because the weather is stifling.



Hrithik Roshan Just Took His Boys On An Epic Vacation!


Hrithik Roshan Just Took His Boys On An Epic Vacation!

Hrithik Roshan who recently made news with the trailer of his next film Mohenjo Daro, is taking a well-deserved break away from the limelight. The actor who attended the IIFA Awards is on an all boys’ trip with none other than his two adorable sons. Hrithik recently shared a few photos of his trip and we can’t be more thrilled looking at what the three boys are up to.

Here’s a peak of how Hrithik and his sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan are living it up in Africa: 


Resting well on an 18-hour flight before the mad fun begins

Learning archery from the locals #WarriorDreams!

Have mattress, will jump. The trio camping in Africa

A candid click, Hrithik inspiring his son to stay curious in life

Before Africa, the trio were in Madrid posing with bears

When Hrithik tried reading a map and got all of them lost, AGAIN!